Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Rejection

Well, I drafted up a query letter and sent it, along with the first 5 pages of my MS, to an agent. No dice this go around. Figured I'd update. I do, after all, have one follower.

I sent another one today. Gots to snare me an agent and get this ball rolling!

I am still waiting on returned copies from two people who always have useful commentary but they're both taking so damn long this time! And after an incident at work made me realize how badly I want not to work in retail the rest of my life, I came home and promptly fixed up the query letter I'd written months ago and sent it away.

That said, I am still working retail. And it's making me hate people more and more because as a whole we really just suck and are jerks. But I plow on. And then I'm still babysitting for two children who are old enough to babysit themselves and who I also dislike because they are fantastically boring and I feel little bits of my soul being sucked out of me as I sit on the couch, forced to watch hours of Disney or Nick or whatever-- and the only tolerable shows on those channels, for me, are iCarly and Sonny with a Chance. The former of which isn't well liked by the kids and the latter of which wasn't well liked either and now isn't on anyway because whatsherface had a meltdown or whatever. /rant

Anyway, here's hoping I can find an agent soon and then fingers crossed that they can find me a publisher. And most of all, hopefully there's someone out there who will want to read what I write. Preferably enough people enjoy it that I can get another book published...and another...and another... and basically that's what I can do for a living. That would be nice.

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